Friday, June 26, 2009

The lie

And the Lie is... #3 I met my husband in college not highschool.

1) 1776 is a broadway musical and a movie (of the musical). It came out a few years before 1976. My all girl high school performed the musical becuase the producer's daugther was in my class. There are only 2 female parts in the play so the rest of us played men. To make it funnier, I was a high saprano at the time.

2) I really did learn to cross country ski at 5. My dad was a big fan of the sport and had us out and about as soon as my brother could walk. My brother went on to compete at a national level until he blew out his knees.

4) Who wouldn't love Tamora Perice and Terry Prachett, their books are awesome.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camp Game 1

First the list:

Felly brought:
Funky food for fires
Frilly socks
Fuzzy Dice
Fun new swimming suit
Fiber to spin with
Fruit Flavored Jelly beans
Fava bean necklace
Fern shaped fan
Fuchsia flip-flops

For Wingo I went for a Blackout but couldn't fill the last one.

W1 Olive Bumblebirch GO Portland!
W2: Allitrya Spelling
W4: Lizzie Wychwood
W5: Cassandra Grubbly-Plank
I1: Lily May Clearwater
I2: Quietus (2)
I3: Salamandra Grindelwald (Leeds, Warwick, Tower of London, one in Portsmouth, Hamlet's Castle in Denmark)
I4: Draco Firewalker
I5: Lavender Ollivander
N1: Rowena Bladvak (jelly beans)
N2: Gryphon the Great (new)
N3: Wisteria Lovegood
N4: Gryphon the Great (new to HSKS)
N5 Phelicia Phoenixfire (Metro)
G1: Clara Clovenhoof
G2: Hermione Bagnold (439)
G3: Violet Le Veela
G4: Fiera Firenze (Penguin)
G5 Fleur Sweeting (Spanish and some German)
O1 Emma Gorodok (Germany)
O2: Antonio dela Weasley
O3: Fleur Sweeting (old starbucks cards)
O4: Madam Ferula McGonagall
O5: Cassandra Crimsonchin

and finally part 3:

My spoilee is Astrid Cloverleaf. My favorite project of hers is the Stripey Cloth. Also it looks like her cat has the same interest in knitting mine do.

My Spoiler is Airica Lupin. My favorite project of hers was a purse with Celtic knot cables. (tho the dog wrist cuffs were funny)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

help for those playing wingo

I live in Beaverton OR.
Played Quidditch last term
I love Ginger candy, Fruit Jelly beans, Peppermint Paties and Snickers
I'm a 'Puff
My patronus is a egale
I have been to Warwick Castle (england) and Uppsala Castle (Sweden)
I collect Robin Hood movies, Dreamcathers, Buttons( Flair) and Books.
Born in June.
Just started Spinning
Took the train to work in NYC back when I interned at Marvel Comics

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 truths to 1 lie

1. I once played Roger Sherman in 1776.

2. I learned to Cross Country ski when I was five.

3. I married my high school sweetheart.

4. Tamora Perice and Terry Prachett are my favorite authors.

I have internet again!!

Wowsers, It has been uber busy the past few days. We had painters, installers and plumbers running all over the place finishing up the work on our new house. All we need to do now finish moving the rest of our stuff over.

On the plus side while I was waiting for all these people to finish I started on a recycled yarn sweater. The color ways are named the same but the colors are all over the place because the spinner added whatever colors where in front of her. Should make a funky looking summer sweater when I'm done.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey all.

I will be without internet (sob) from Mon 6/15 till Wed 6/17.

See ya all then.