Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yea for IV Iron. Rant Warning

I have been mildly anemic for about 6 years now. Every three months or so, I'd get another blood test and the Doc would say "oh just take some iron pills." I would reply "I AM taking iron pills and have been for years, they are not working." About 3 years ago I pointed this out to my Doctors and suggested maybe it was time to try something else.

To be fair my health is somewhat fubar and there is always something need of treatment. However since anemia is a base cause of (or the result of?) these illnesses one would think that treating it would help. My energy levels got so low I had to shut down my web business. I couldn't keep up.

Last month I hit one of my worst flares (from Fibormyalgia) in years, and it tanked my blood levels. So now I'm getting seven IV iron treatments to fix the problem. It seems to be working, I'm at the half way point and I'm starting to feel better.

I just can't decide if I should be pissed that this wasn't done earlier and maybe saved my business; or happy that I am getting better.

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