Friday, July 10, 2009

Off in the wilds of Connecticut

Well I'm visiting family this week and part of next week. I forget how much energy kids have. My niece and nephew have me running all over the place. Rebecka, my niece, gave me a hand with this weeks camp game.

We went to Sherwood Island beach the other day. It is the beach we always went to as kids. It has changed alot, adding a Nature Center and several park areas. It was a great deal of fun, and no one got sunburned! A First I think.

I made up some Lavender sugar and hope to make some Lavender jam this weekend. It is my contribution to the family meals.

Recipe for Lavender Sugar (or any flavored sugar really)

1 tlsp of Lavender for every cup of sugar .
Mix in a food prosesser.

And you're done! easy yes?

I'll post the Jam recipe if it comes out all right.

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